Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer

Shoplifting Arrest

Whether to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with a crime in New York City, you might ask yourself why you need to hire a criminal attorney? Some people think they should represent themselves, especially if their charges appear minor, such as when responding to a desk appearance ticket charging a misdemeanor. The truth is, regardless of your alleged crime, there’s simply too much at stake for you to risk going to court without a qualified New York City defense lawyer.

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Even if you tell the truth, believing justice will be served, you’re still at a severe disadvantage without a criminal attorney by your side. As my client, I’ll do everything I can to effectively use the law and the evidence to defend your position. I have helped countless clients obtain favorable outcomes, including, in some cases, dismissed or dropped charges.

Can’t I Just Ask for a Court-Appointed Lawyer?

Some people believe they can use a court-appointed attorney instead of hiring a private defense lawyer in New York City. While this is true in some cases, there are income limits for those who wish to make use of a public defender. You don’t get a free attorney simply because you don’t want to pay for a private lawyer.

In addition, if you’re being investigated by police, but haven’t yet been charged, it’s important to retain a private lawyer right away, to proactively defend you and preserve your rights. Unfortunately, a court-appointed attorney normally won’t be assigned to your case until after charges are filed, assuming you meet the income qualifications.

With 20 years of experience as a criminal attorney in New York City, I’m skilled at resolving difficult and complex legal matters for clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges. I’m always available to discuss your concerns and provide status updates via e-mail, phone or in-office visits. I take on clients as their defense lawyer only when I know I’ll be able to provide the highest level of attention to each client. So, when you retain me to represent you, while you won’t be my only client, you’ll feel as though you are.