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If you get caught with weed, you need a marijuana lawyer in New York City.

Over the course of my career, I’ve defended hundreds of clients accused of possessing and selling marijuana.

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During a recent 10-year period, the New York City Police Department arrested more than 350,000 people for possessing small amounts of marijuana.* This number is 10 times greater than the number of pot arrests made in each of the two preceding 10-year periods.

The huge leap in marihuana arrests did not result from increased marijuana use, which peaked in 1980. Rather, it is a deliberately oppressive police tactic designed to accomplish several NYPD policy goals.

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Marijuana arrests provide a relatively safe, easy way for the NYPD:

  • To collect fingerprints, mug shots, names, addresses, telephone numbers, and DNA profiles from residents of the New York City Metropolitan Area.
  • To demonstrate that the NYPD is being productive.
  • To provide overtime pay to police officers.

Many people believe marijuana possession should be legalized in New York for medical use, and for responsible personal use. Until that happens, possessing marijuana remains a crime.

As a marijuana lawyer in New York City, I’ve represented many people accused of possessing or selling pot.


See H.G. Levine & D.P. Small, “Marijuana Arrest Crusade: Racial Bias and Police Policy in New York City, 1997-2007”, for a detailed discussion of NYPD marijuana arrests.

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