Credit-Card Fraud Lawyer

credit card fraud lawyer

Credit card fraud is a serious crime in New York. If you’re accused, you need a criminal defense lawyer to defend you.

In the United States, fraud is cited as the cause of billions of dollars in financial damage to individuals each year. 

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In the past, such fraud was often limited to physically taking another person’s credit card, or opening a credit account in another person’s name. Today, however, with the prevalence and accessibility of electronically stored personal data and online transactions, it's found a new venue. As the importance of information security continues to rise, prosecutors are seeking to punish those accused of fraud to the fullest extent of the law.

What Is Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card fraud often involves identity theft. It can include:

  • Physically stealing a credit card and assuming the victim’s identity, in order to purchase merchandise
  • Theft of credit card data
  • Using credit card data without authorization to make online purchases
  • Opening a new credit card account using someone else’s personal information
  • Producing or using forged credit cards

Being Charged With Credit Card Fraud Is A Serious Matter. Get Help.

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Credit-Card Fraud Attorney Helps Accused 

I’ve defended clients accused of fraud in New York City for many years. I provide aggressive legal representation to clients accused of credit card fraud. Time is of the essence in all criminal matters. The prosecutor will start building the case against you right away. Often, the prosecutor will have already built a case against you in the grand jury, before you are arrested. It’s important that you contact a qualified defense lawyer as soon as you can, to ensure that your rights are protected.

If you’ve been accused of fraud, you’re likely very worried about your future. You might not understand the complex laws surrounding your case. You might not be sure what you can do to best protect yourself. When you retain me as your lawyer, I’ll help you confront the burden that you’re facing. I have in-depth knowledge of identity theft and credit card crimes. Working together, we can best defend against the charges.