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Types of Shoplifting

When people think about the act of shoplifting, they might envision a person hiding merchandise in his or her clothes and then leaving the store without paying. While this is definitely a common shoplifting scenario, it’s not the only one.
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Scenarios where people get arrested for shoplifting, after demonstrating the intent to steal, include:

  • Placing merchandise in a “booster bag” (a bag lined with aluminum foil, designed to conceal detection of merchandise from electronic security monitors)
  • Removing Knogo, Sensormatic and other anti-theft tags from store merchandise
  • Concealment, which involves concealing merchandise on the way out of the store with it
  • Tag switching: replacing a price tag with one taken from less expensive merchandise
  • Coordinating theft with a store employee who doesn’t ring up all the merchandise
  • Group shoplifting where, for example, one member of the group creates a diversion that provides another member with the opportunity to steal

While there are no official records, shoplifting is estimated to cost retailers tens of billions of dollars per year in the United States. This is one reason why shoplifting charges are taken seriously by the courts. Penalties for conviction can vary depending on your prior record, the type of shoplifting charge, and the value of goods allegedly stolen. However, with a skilled shoplifting defense lawyer on your side, there is hope to successfully resolve your legal matter.

Shoplifting Defense

I’m a New York City criminal defense lawyer. I help my clients resolve shoplifting charges. When you and I meet for your free initial consultation, I’ll explain how the law applies to the facts of your case. We will discuss all your legal options.

As your lawyer, I’ll provide you with an individualized defense strategy, according to your goals. In shoplifting cases, especially for a first-time offender, there may be options available to avoid a criminal conviction. I understand that there is a lot at stake when you face criminal charges and that you may have numerous questions throughout the process. Knowing that a simple answer can give you peace of mind, I make myself available to you seven days a week, 24 hours a day, throughout the duration of your case. My job is not only to provide skilled legal representation but also to ease your anxiety by assuring you that I’m working hard to protect your future.

Shoplifting Attorney in New York City

There are various scenarios leading to charges of petty larceny and shoplifting. Contact my office today to learn more about how we can work together to poke holes in the shoplifting case against you.