Criminal Defense

If you’ve been charged with a crime in New York City’s five boroughs, you need a high-quality criminal defense attorney to handle your case.  Even if you're not sentenced to jail, a criminal record will have a serious impact on your life, preventing you from getting jobs, housing, and more.  That's why it's critical to hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney to negotiate a favorable plea deal, or get your charges dismissed, by giving you the best chance of winning at trial.

I'm devoted to defending people who've been accused of crimes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. I’ll work with you to investigate the facts, develop a strategy, and put together a defense designed to convince the prosecutor that reducing or dismissing the charges – making a deal – is the best way to resolve your case.

A Lawyer Who Works With You

Some criminal defense attorneys treat clients as just another case file, or treat them like a nuisance to be managed.  Some will talk over you, use complicated terms, and brush off your questions.  I'm not that lawyer.

I have built my practice on a collaborative approach.  I strongly believe that working together with my clients is the key to a successful resolution. I want my clients to understand their case and the charges against them, and to give them the opportunity to explain their case to me.  This approach allows me to develop a strategy with my clients that is customized on their personal needs and goals.

Find out how I can protect you with solid defense.

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Being charged with a crime is both scary and overwhelming.  I understand that if you’re facing criminal charges, you are likely filled with anxiety over the future. That’s why I take the time to truly listen to you and to explain the charges and the law in a way that makes sense to you. My commitment to you and to your case starts at the first consultation — and does not end until we have reached the best possible outcome for you. I’m always accessible to my clients, and I will be there for you.  

In many cases, I’m able to negotiate a deal with the prosecutor to help you avoid jail time or to minimize the amount of time that you will spend in jail. Depending on the facts of the case and any potential police conduct, I may even be able to have your charges reduced or dismissed.  If necessary, I’ll go to trial for you.  I’ll fight hard for your rights and your freedom, and I’ll stand by you throughout the process.

Representing You In New York City

My office is a full-service New York City criminal defense practice. I represent clients on a range of criminal charges, from simple misdemeanor crimes to complex felony cases. From initial case processing and arraignment to verdict and appeals, I’ll be there for you.

Whether your case involves domestic violence, drug charges, fraud, driving under the influence, theft, assault, sex crimes or another New York criminal charge, I’ll defend you and protect your legal rights. I pride myself on being honest, caring and empathetic — and for getting results for my clients.

Criminal Defense Attorney in New York City

If you’ve been charged with a crime in New York City, contact Bruce Yerman, Attorney At Law today. I’ll evaluate your case, put together the best possible factual and legal defenses to the charges, and aggressively advocate for you at all phases of the process. I offer free initial consulations, and a 24/7 emergency contact number.