As your attorney, I will argue persuasively on your behalf.

Important occasions arise when my job will is to persuade someone in a position of authority to favorably exercise power on your behalf.

Persuading Authorities to Exercise Power on Your Behalf

Examples of such occasions might be:

  • Persuading a jury to find you not guilty of all charges.
  • Persuading a judge to dismiss the charges against you because the prosecutor violated your “speedy trial” rights; because the accusatory instrument is “insufficient”; or because the grand jury proceeding was impaired.
  • Persuading a judge to sentence you to “judicial diversion” rather than a mandatory prison term; to sentence you to probation rather than jail, or to sentence you to community service rather than probation.
  • Persuading an arraignment judge to release you on your own recognizance, or to set an affordable bail.
  • Persuading a prosecutor to offer you a plea to a lesser felony with a lower mandatory minimum prison sentence.
  • Persuading a prosecutor to offer you a drug program rather than prison.
  • Persuading a prosecutor to offer you an “adjournment in contemplation of dismissal” rather than a guilty plea.
  • Persuading a police officer to give you a “desk appearance ticket” rather than process you through the “Central Booking."

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I have developed many skills: negotiation, strategic thinking, brief writing, legal reasoning, jury selection, cross-examination and oral argument.

Each skill involves the earnest use of logic and emotion, trying to persuade people in positions of authority to exercise their power in your favor.