Listening to You

You and I are partners in your defense. The foundation of our attorney-client partnership is trust and communication.

You are my most important resource. I cannot properly defend you without understanding your case from your point of view. I can only understand your case by carefully listening to everything you need to tell me.

You are a unique source of information. 

You are in the best position to describe what you saw and did not see; what you did and did not do; what you intended and did not intend. You can describe where you were, who you were with, and what time you were there. These facts are all immensely important to your defense.

It is not enough for me to understand your recollection of what happened, though. I need to understand how your case is affecting you: the emotional, psychological, social and economic impacts of your case on you and your family.

I also need to understand any special vulnerabilities that you have, so I can advise you accordingly:

  • Are you a non-U.S. citizen? If so, the consequences of a conviction might include deportation.
  • Do you have a state-issued license? If so, the consequences of a conviction might include: the loss of your right to work as a security guard or as a taxi driver; the loss of your right to teach students; the loss of your right to practice medicine, nursing or law.
  • Do you live in government-subsidized housing? If so, the consequences of a conviction might include eviction from your home.

In addition to being my most important factual resource, you determine the results that I pursue to you.

You might seek to be acquitted at trial. You might seek a plea bargain where your case gets dismissed after you complete a drug program. You might seek a sentence that minimizes the time you spend in jail, or a sentence that involves no jail-time at all.

I must fully understand all aspects of your case. I can do this only by carefully listening to you at all times.

We are partners in your defense. Accept nothing less from me or any other lawyer.