Fighting for Your Freedom

If you are sentenced to prison, you will likely be confined to a living area smaller than the smallest room in your home. Correction officers will tell you when you must lock into your cell; when you may exit your cell; when you may eat; what you may eat; when you may shower; when you may use the telephone; when you may sleep.

Avoiding the Standard Deal 

Even if you receive a sentence that doesn’t involve jail, such as probation, your freedom will be severely limited. A probation officer will have the power to impose and monitor a curfew; to enter your home at any time of day or night, and search for drugs, weapons or stolen property; to demand a sample of your urine and have it tested it for the presence of controlled substances; to determine with whom you may associate and where you may travel.

These consequences must be avoided if at all possible. If they cannot be avoided, they must be minimized.

If you are being prosecuted, your freedom is at stake.

I will not pressure you to take “the standard deal”. I will not passively allow prosecutors to dictate the outcome of your case.

I will seek to leverage every favorable fact to your benefit. I will apply my persuasive abilities to your best advantage.

I will always fight hard for your freedom.

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