My Approach

My years as a New York City criminal lawyer have provided me with experience in a wide variety of cases, and a strong commitment to my clients.

As your lawyer, I am fully committed to defending you. I honor my commitment by:

  • Fully Understanding Your Case
  • Thoroughly Explaining the Law to You
  • Digging Deep for Evidence
  • Being Persuasive
  • Fighting for Your Freedom

I have extensive New York City trial experience. Over the years, I have represented clients accused of nearly every type of crime. 

I pride myself on developing effective strategies that fit my clients’ needs, and on being a forceful, persuasive advocate.

I equally pride myself on having compassion and respect for each client, on demonstrating respect by listening to whatever my clients need to tell me, and on always applying my best efforts.

Over the years, people sometimes ask, “How do you defend people when you know they are guilty?” To be honest, this is not a question I struggle with at all.

Some people I represent have done what they are accused of doing. I represent some people who are completely innocent. I represent others who have done some, but not all, of what their accusers have alleged. All have one thing in common: they are fellow human beings and they are in trouble.

Listening to You

You and I are partners in your defense. The foundation of our attorney-client partnership is trust and communication. You are my most important resource. I cannot properly defend you without understanding your case from your point of view.

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Explaining the Law

I will thoroughly explain the law to you during a conversation that will continue and develop until your case is over. Being charged with a crime is one of the most stressful experiences you will ever endure.

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Digging for Evidence

As your attorney, I will dig deep for evidence in your case. I need to find evidence that is favorable to your defense and to discover evidence that the prosecutor will try to use against you.

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Throughout the course of your case, important occasions will arise when my job will be to try to persuade someone in a position of authority to favorably exercise power on your behalf.

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Fighting for Your Freedom

If you are sentenced to prison, you will likely be confined to a living area smaller than the smallest room in your home. Correction officers will tell you everything you can or cannot do.

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