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Bruce Yerman is very professional, competent and reliable. Mr. Yerman had my charges dismissed. He will fight for your rights and help you in your legal matters to achieve the best possible outcome. If you need a confident, reliable, honest and professional lawyer please call Mr. Yerman.


I recently had occasion to refer a matter to Mr. Yerman, calling him in the evening and getting his input and ideas concerning the matter. He immediately attended to the case, getting me all of the relevant information and the status of the proceeding (the client had recently been arrested and was in police custody) within minutes, and advising me of his strategy to defend the matter. He also advised what the total cost would be to the client, and the probable outcome based on what I had informed him. All of this occurred well outside business hours. Mr. Yerman then went far beyond what was required, doing substantial work over the weekend, and successfully obtained the release of the client on a Saturday.


Bruce Yerman personally helped me. I used his free consultation and defended myself in the court. Plead bargain with judge - in result the charges were dropped from misdemeanor to simple sanitary code violation! Very professional and great person!

-Nerses Kanayan