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No one plans to get arrested, to be dragged into court and accused of a crime. When it happens, the experience can be overwhelming. To help ease your anxiety, consider a free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer.

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If you've been accused of committing a crime in the New York Metropolitan Area – or if your family member or loved one has been accused – I invite you to meet with me at my office as soon as possible, for a FREE consultation.


My initial goal is to reduce the confusion and anxiety you must be feeling. I will achieve this by:

Listening to You: I need to thoroughly understand the circumstances that have brought you to my office. You need the facts of your case to be truly understood, perhaps for the first time.

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Explaining the Law to You: You need to see how Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure Law, the Penal Law, and Evidence Law apply to your case.

Discussing Your Legal Options: When you and I understand how the law intersects the facts of your case, we can begin to discuss the full range of options available to you. We can then discuss how you might wish to proceed.

Whether you retain me or not, you will leave my office understanding your case far better than when you arrived. This should reduce your anxiety to some degree, and strengthen your ability to make good decisions as you continue to confront the case against you.

If you retain me, we will immediately begin developing a strategy and tactics designed to maximize your chances of favorably resolving your case.

Throughout, you and I will have a direct, open line of communication. I will always listen to your concerns. At your request, I will provide you with whatever information I have, to help you better understand your case. My assessment of your case will always be frank and honest. I will never mislead you.

I will always represent you to the best of my abilities, applying all my talent, skill, knowledge, judgment and experience to your advantage. You will never doubt that my goal is to achieve the best result possible for you.

Free Consultation

I’m a New York City criminal defense lawyer.  Contact me today for a Free Consultation by calling 646-798-1174, or by using the form below.