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Bruce Yerman Fights for You

Defending you is a privilege. The skills I've developed over 25 years are at your service. Together, we'll work towards achieving the best result possible.

Strategic Criminal Defense

Personal attention
Personal attention

You're not "just another client". You’re a fellow human being, facing the most overwhelming experience of your life. I give you my full attention, always. You deserve nothing less.

Building the right strategy
Building the right strategy

Working together, you and I have the best chance of achieving your goal – whether it's a favorable plea bargain, dismissal, or winning your trial.

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– Helping You Leave
Trouble Behind


Never Speak with Police

Speaking with police puts you in jeopardy. When police call you, don't talk to them. Hang up and call me.

Exercise your "right to counsel" and your "right to remain silent". Always!

Serving You in All Five Boroughs
of New York City

Serving You in All Five Boroughs of New York City

I represent clients throughout Manhattan on a wide range of criminal charges. Contact my office today.

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If you’ve been charged with a crime in Brooklyn, you need a tough, smart criminal attorney.


In the Bronx, being charged with a crime requires an aggressive lawyer who will fight for you. 


If you’re facing criminal charges in Queens, I'm here to help.  I work with you to get the best possible result.

Staten Island

I’ll defend you against criminal charges in Staten Island. Call today for a free consultation.

Too Much Is at Stake:

You can't afford bad decisions and errors. The strategy we develop together will put you in the best position to successfully resolve your case.

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Your Future's on the Line:

A criminal record can impact your life in so many negative ways, beyond jail time: lost job opportunities; lost immigration status; ineligibility for student loans; and so much more. You and your family are vulnerable.

Reduce Stress:

With over 25 years' experience, I understand how the system works. I’m a skillful trial lawyer and an effective negotiator. I will battle for you in court. Your confidence in my ability will help you achieve peace of mind.

"7 Reasons Not to Speak with Police" [Click Here]

Fighting For Your Freedom:

I’ll use the skills that I’ve honed over many years to fight for you. Don’t gamble with your freedom. Partnered with you, I take an aggressive approach to achieving the best result possible.